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Moonspotted Commercial Buckling

2021 Buckling - SOLD

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This little man grows fast!

He's out of a percentage Boer doe and our commercial purebred Boer Buck (unregistered). 

We're selling him as a pet or 4-H goat due to his superb personality or as a buck to someone looking to get into Boer goats commercially. (He will produce fast-growing babies with gorgeous colors).

Dam raised, friendly, baby goat. 

He will be ready to go on May 15th, 2021 and up-to-date on CDT (after this date he will no longer be for sale)

Note: We do not dehorn our goats. 

Inquire here to purchase as we only to someone who understands how to care for goats and their behavior. 

Pickup only in Valders, WI. 

No returns on goats to maintain biosecurity.