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Barn Lights

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Someone's in the barn...the lights are on.

At the end of the day, after work, and after the chores are done, it's time to settle in. 

Time to breathe deep, relax, and reflect on all that you've accomplished through hard work. 

And as you wash away the day with a soothingly scented chamomile goat milk soap bar, you glance out as the day becomes softer, darker, and you notice that the barn lights are on.

Because someone is there. Finishing the day. The animals munch contentedly. 

But the lights fade, one-by-one. 

And family comes together. 

At the end of the day. 

This chamomile scented goat milk soap bar was created for the farm family that works hard all day.

Whether working out of the house, in the barn, or both...your family deserves a moment of calm and reflection. 

Pair this bar with the Morning Chores coffee & cream bar and bookend your day!

Choose between a square or rectangle 4 oz bar 

Ingredients: Goat Milk, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil, Cocoa Butter, Almond oil, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Hydroxide, chamomile fragrance, calendula petals, rose petals